24 january 2020

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K.Tulyaganov, ex-hokim of Tashkent, is facing trial

28.06.2006 18:00 msk


Uzmetronom.Com reports a trial of Kozim Tulyaganov, ex-hokim (the head of administration) of the capital of Uzbekistan and the Tashkent region. The report is not confirmed.

Tulyaganov found himself disgraced when his former subordinate Shavkat Mirzieyev became the prime minister. When Mirzieyev had been Tulyuaganov's deputy, the two were frequently at odds. Once elevated to the pinnacle of administrative power, Mirzieyev made life hard for his former patron. Charges were issued against the latter.

Ex-deputy premiers U. Ismailov and B. Hamidov, former defense minister K. Gulyamov, and some other officials were already tried and convicted in Uzbekistan.