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Tashkent defines its future foreign political priorities

25.12.2006 11:34 msk


Politics Uzbekistan

Uzmetronom reports that the Uzbek authorities using tame media outlets defined their immediate priorities in the foreign policy.

It seems that Uzbekistan is bent first and foremost on advancing relations with its Central Asian neighbors. A special emphasis will be made on advancement of relations with Kazakhstan, economically the strongest partner in the region.

Russia is the second on the list of priorities, followed by other countries of the Commonwealth.

Activization of bilateral relations with Afghanistan was mentioned as well, a means to establishment of the so called Trans-Asian Transport Corridor.

Afghanistan is followed by the United States, Germany, France, and European Union countries.

Where the EU is concerned, the Uzbek authorities would dearly like to see it abandon its policy of dual standards. Needless to say, the matter concerns criteria of evaluation of the situation with human rights.

As for South Asia and Asian-Pacific region, official Tashkent makes an emphasis on cooperation with China and (in the descending order) South Korea, Japan, India, and Pakistan.

The Uzbek authorities intend to promote cooperation with international structures as well, first and foremost the ones established on the territory of the former USSR (Organization of Eurasian Economic Cooperation and CIS Collective Security Treaty Organization). Cooperation with the Shanghai Organization of Cooperation, UN, OSCE, and NATO will be promoted too.

Uzbekistan is prepared to advance cooperation with the Alliance within the framework of the Partnership for Peace NATO's Program.