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Snap parliamentary election in Kyrgyzstan is scheduled for December 16, 2007

24.10.2007 11:11 msk

Irina Yermakova

Politics Kyrgyzstan

On October 23, President of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiyev signed the new Constitution adopted by a nationwide ballot two days earlier.

Addressing the people of Kyrgyzstan, the head of state said a new leaf was being turned in the political history of the country. "Abiding by the new Constitution and living by it is what counts now. It must be done right away, without delays," Bakiyev said. "The Constitution is adopted. It is coming into force. I'd like to thank all citizens of Kyrgyzstan for their choice of a stable and productive development of the Kyrgyz Republic in the name of all of us and future generation. I'd like to emphasize as well that the policy of the state will remain targeted at improvement of living standards and a stable political and economic development of the country."

Once signed, the Constitution came into force.

The president announced that the snap election of the Jogorku Kenesh (national parliament) would take place on December 16, 2007. The Jogorku Kenesh will be elected in accordance with the new Election Code adopted at the same October 21 referendum.

Debates over the constitutional reforms have been raging in Kyrgyzstan since the 2005 March Revolution. The new regime even established the Constitutional Assembly once but its attempts to draft a new Constitution were frustrated.

A mass rally in Bishkek in November 2006 enabled the opposition to coerce Bakiyev into adoption of a new Constitution, one that restricted presidential powers and made Kyrgyzstan a parliamentary republic.

Bakiyev sacked Felix Kulov's Cabinet and bullied the parliament into adoption of yet another Constitution a month later.

Approached by two lawmakers, the Constitutional Court voided these two constitutions this September as adopted with gross violations of the acting legislation.

The president suggested another draft Constitution for a referendum on September 19. The Central Electoral Commission maintains that the population vote for Bakiyev's Constitution last Sunday.