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Uzbekistan - Council adopts restrictive measures

15.11.2005 10:45 msk

Press release

COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION EN Brussels, 14 November 2005

14392/05 (Presse 294)

Uzbekistan - Council adopts restrictive measures

The Council adopted today a common position and a regulation concerning restrictive measures against Uzbekistan following the events in May 2005 in Andijan (10910/05 and 13294/05).

The Council decided on two types of measure:

• restrictions on admission to the EU aimed at those individuals who are directly responsible for the indiscriminate and disproportionate use of force in Andijan and for the obstruction of an independent inquiry (see annex),

• an embargo on exports to Uzbekistan of arms, military equipment and other equipment that might be used for internal repression.

These measures will be implemented for an initial period of one year, during which period the Council will review it in the light of any significant changes to the current situation, in particular with regard to:

• the conduct and outcome of the ongoing trials of those accused of precipitating and participating in the disturbances in Andijan;

• the situation regarding the detention and harassment of those who have questioned the Uzbek authorities' version of events in Andijan;

• Uzbek cooperation with any independent, international rapporteur appointed to investigate the disturbances in Andijan;

• the outcome of any independent, international inquiry, and

• any action that demonstrates the willingness of the Uzbek authorities to adhere to the principles of respect for human rights, rule of law and fundamental freedoms.

The Council decided to adopt these measures in the light of the excessive, disproportionate and discriminate use of force by the Uzbek security forces during the Andijan events in May and following the refusal of Uzbek authorities to allow an independent international inquiry into these events.


List of persons referred to in Article 3 of this Common Position

1. Almatov, Zakirjan, Minister of Interior

2. Mullajonov, Tokhir Okhunovich, First Deputy Interior Minister

3. Gulamov, Kadir Gafurovich, Defence Minister

4. Mirzaev, Ruslan, National Security Council State Adviser

5. Begaliyev , Saidullo Begaliyevich, Andizhan Regional Governor

6. Akhmedov, Kossimali, Major General

7. Ergashev, Ismail Ergashevitch, Major General (Retired)

8. Ergashev, Pavel Islamovich, Colonel

9. Mamo, Vladimir Adolfovich, Major General

10. Pak, Gregori, Colonel

11. Tadzhiev, Valeri, Colonel

12. Inoyatov, Rustam Raulovich, Chief of SNB (National Security Service),