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Writer from Uzbekistan wins the Russian Award literary contest

01.03.2006 11:03 msk

Staff correspondent


Winners of the Russian Award literary contest were greeted at the President-Hotel in Moscow on February 28. The contest of writers from Central Asia and Caucasus writing in the Russian language was organized by the Caucasus Institute of Democracy and Institute of Eurasian Studies. Chingiz Aitmatov chaired the panel.

Yevgeny Abdullayev of Uzbekistan (alias Sukhbat Aflatuni) received the first prize for his "Tashkent Novel". Mikhail Zemskov of Kazakhstan (alias Ivan Glagolev) with his "Alma-Ata Stories" became the second, and Nikolai Verevochkin also of Kazakhstan with "Nameless Man" the third.

Contest Coordinator Tatiana Voskovskaya told REGNUM news agency that the contest will be annual now.