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The wife of the Uigur Canadian arrested in Uzbekistan returned to Canada alone

26.04.2006 17:06 msk

Toronto Star

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"Celil's home in Burlington is full of voices - voices of his friends, wife, and children. Only one voice is missing, his own," the article in The Toronto Star yesterday began. The material describes the saga of Huseyincan Celil, citizen of Canada, arrested in Uzbekistan. [Ferghana.Ru gave a thorough account of it in the article "Consul permitted to see the Canadian arrested in Uzbekistan"]

Celil was arrested by the Uzbek authorities more than a month ago. His wife Kamila Telendibayeva returned to Canada last Friday. She had appealed to the government of Uzbekistan to release her husband but had not even been permitted to see her husband.

According to Telendibayeva, Celil remains in the hands of Uzbek secret services and his lot remains undecided. This once Uigur activist was detained on the request of the authorities of China that want Celil for separatism and terrorism.