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Uzbekistan: leader of the Protestant community in ancient Khorezm assaulted and battered

16.05.2006 08:36 msk

Sergei Naumov

Religious life

A team of officers of the National Security Service and Interior Ministry of Uzbekistan broke into the apartment of Akhmed Nazarov on May 14. Trying to escape, the leader of the Urgench Protestant community jumped out the window and hurt both legs.

An officer of secret services followed Nazarov and went on kicking the injured. Nazarov maintains that several officers were undeniably drunk. Nazarov was admitted to hospital afterwards.

Interim reports indicate that the attacking group numbered between eight and ten officers. Officials of the prosecutor's office visited and searched Nazarov's apartment on May 15.

Nazarov has never concealed his faith, one of the numerous Christian trends. An invalid of the second category, he has diabetes mellitus. Nazarov is not going to leave the hospital for a long time now.