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Puppet-show «The Moon Will Rise Into The Skies Of Andijan» in Uzbekistan

26.05.2006 15:16 msk

Staff correspondent



First night run of the puppet-show «The Moon Will Rise Into The Skies Of Andijan» took place at the Theater of Drama in Kashkadarja, Uzbek media outlets report.

It seems that the ideologically «correct» puppet-show was deliberately released in time for the first anniversary of the suppression of the revolt in Andijan. The plot unfolds to reveal the story of a family whose members find themselves on different sides.

Puppets of faithful supporters of the President of Uzbekistan and of trouble-makers are easily discernible. The former are predictably nice and gallant, the latter loathsome and evil.

Authors of the script made use of a trick known to playwrights since the 15th century. The finale is a carbon copy of classic tragedies: the father does not hesitate to kill one of his sons — «active participant of extremist religious underground whose true inhuman nature was finally unmasked in the events in Andijan.»

The state panel that permitted the show in the first place is probably convinced that it will endear kids to the Motherland and its leader and make them abhor terrorist religious organizations that are out to throw Uzbekistan back into the Medieval Ages and deprive its people of the brilliant future.

The parents who took their kids to the show were noticeably more skeptical. It reminded them of the clumsy Soviet propaganda and particularly Pavlik Morozov, model hero for the Soviet youth who had betrayed his father to chekists — all in the name of the future which neither Morozov himself nor his contemporaries lived to see.

Those who watched the show say that authors of the play should have included in the plot the National Hymn and a running commentary encouraging kids to be on a lookout for enemies around them.