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Underground organizations in Kyrgyzstan left without leaders

17.07.2006 15:32 msk

Abdumomun Mamaraimov (Jalalabad)

Ferghana Valley

Unit Alpha of the National Security Service ran a special operation in Jalalabad, a city in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan. Five armed extremists were killed in the operation. Interim reports indicate that some of them were ringleaders of extremist organizations secret services of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan had been after for years.

As chance would have it, the extremists were discovered in the very building the former chief of the regional directorate of the National Security Service had lived in. The officer was promoted and transferred to the capital, and the building was left vacant (it had once belonged to Selkhoztekhnika or agricultural machinery state company). Building 2, Panfilov Street is located barely 100 meters from the Regional Directorate of Internal Affairs and the central mosque where the believers pray.

The first shots were fired at about 1600 hours when special forces formed a ring around the building. Extremists inside returned fire and wounded an Alpha officer. One hand grenade thrown out the window exploded not far from a group of Alpha servicemen and two more near the armored personnel carrier that had been used to ram the gates. "Fighting was vicious because the extremists were armed to their teeth. They had hand grenades and assault rifles," National Security Service Director Major General Busurmankul Tabaldiyev, who commanded the operation in person, said.

It had taken secret services long to hunt down the extremists. Tabaldiyev said that field agents were actively deployed in the wake of elimination in the Batken region of the gang that had come from Tajikistan on May 12, 2006. The information they gathered led secret services to terrorist ringleaders running a network of splinter groups in the southern part of the country. "Today, we destroyed the group whose members practically ran the network of terrorist organizations in the country," Tabaldiyev said. "These people maintained contacts with Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran and received finances, weapons, and trained gunmen from there. We've decapitated the terrorist network in the southern part of the country."

The president met with the heads of the heads of the National Security Service and Interior Ministry the other day and instructed them to do whatever was necessary to exterminate terrorists.

According to Tabaldiyev, some of the killed extremists were identified as Palvan [Hero or Strong Man] and Rais [Chairman], the criminals secret services had been hunting for years. Citizens of Uzbekistan, Palvan and Rais had been wanted for crimes on the territory of Uzbekistan too. The killed criminals also included the one who had murdered a traffic police officer in Jalalabad last Sunday. Tabaldiyev said as well that some of the criminals were identified as the ones involved in explosions at Oberon bazaar in the capital and in Osh 2-3 years ago.

Traffic police officer was murdered in Jalalabad on June 9. He ordered a passing Tico to pull over, approached it to examine the passengers' papers, and was shot. A skirmish was reported in the city the following morning. The police combing a city area encountered several men who opened fire and escape. Two policemen and a passer-by sustained gunshot wounds. Following the episode, all municipal law enforcement agencies and security structures were put on alert.

According to Tabaldiyev, the operation in Jalalabad was but the first element of the nationwide campaign to exterminate terrorist and extremist organizations. "We are not going to stop at that. We will keep hunting them down and exterminating them," Tabaldiyev said. "According to what information is available at this point, these people planned a series of terrorist acts in the country so as to provoke an ethnic conflict between the Uzbeks and Kyrgyzes in the Uzgen district." "Their plans will be thwarted," Tabaldiyev swore. "All security structures and law enforcement agencies are pooling efforts to bring their end about."

... Fire engines were summoned to put out the fire in the attic of 2, Panfilov Street, caused by automatic rifle fire. Once the fire was put out, fire engines remained on the standby in case the flames reappeared. The locals observed it all from what they considered a safe distance. There were the rumors that two extremists had been taken alive but official sources did not confirm them. The cordons are still in place, and the locals are asked to detour.

The power lines damaged in the skirmish were repaired, and power the locals are able to watch the proceedings on their TV sets.