11 july 2020

Central Asia news

The Turkmenistan ordered no more purchases of medicines from CIS countries

24.07.2006 14:16 msk



The Turkmenbashi is out to do away with the sick and the unfit. What does the prosperous Turkmenistan need them for? Hence the order to make no more purchases of medicines from CIS countries.

Turkmenistan itself lacks the national pharmaceutical industry. What Western medicines reach Turkmenistan (few do) cost as much as pensioners and actually most of the working people can hope to make in several years. It follows that all Turkmens are back to burrs as the universal medicine now. As things stand, infirmaries in Turkmenistan prescribe only the medicines the person can get hold of. And getting hold of any is extremely difficult. Drug stores are overwhelmed, people resort to buying all sorts of home-made "folk medicines" which are anything but. The Turkmenbashi must have decided that he does not need the people after all. He can produce gas on his own, and the subjects are too much of a headache and trouble.