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Readiness status of Uzbek security structures upped

02.08.2006 10:46 msk

Maksud Rizayev

Ferghana Valley

Uzbekistan will be celebrating another anniversary of independence a month from now, on September 1. Uzbek secret services are already tightening security in the country.

A source in the republican Interior Ministry maintains that all servicemen of the municipal police force are restricted to barracks. The police force had its readiness status brought up.

Passport control in Tashkent is to be stiffened, albeit unofficially. The so called mardikor-bazaars (informal labor exchanges) will be closed. All mardikors or hired hands had better leave the capital or face the wrath of the police.

Local human rights activists claim that their domiciles and those of opposition leaders are under surveillance again. "Overly energetic" activists are advised by the authorities to refrain from any action for the time being.

Sources from the National Security Service say off the record that the structure has been put on alert too. Security is to be stiffened in Tashkent and in some regions as well - like Andijan and the Andijan region. According to what information Ferghana.Ru news agency has compiled, population of the Qorasuv district (Andijan region) is seriously upset and disturbed nowadays. Observers attribute it to the campaign of demolition of private households on the Uzbek-Kyrgyz border.

The authorities of Uzbekistan ordered demolition of all private houses in Qorasuv located on the border with Kyrgyzstan. Their inhabitants were promised analogous domiciles nearby. The latter, however, are being built so slowly that mass protests are actually feared. Security structures of Uzbekistan were given the order to keep the situation in the region in the focus of attention.