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Kazakh National Patriots urge ethnic Russians to go home

16.08.2006 13:19 msk


Migration Kazakhstan

Kazakh Republican Movement Ult Tagdyry [Fate of the Nation] released an appeal to the Russian diaspora in Kazakhstan.

Ult Tagdyry supports President Vladimir Putin's suggestion to the compatriots abroad to come home and urges executive power structures of Kazakhstan to help "whoever wants to return to Russia."

"The Kazakhs are building an ethnic democratic state our progenitors dreamed about. We are not to be swayed aside," the statement announced. This announcement is followed by a somewhat vague, "We should openly admit that in the name of tranquility and stability the Kazakh people has never taken steps to restore its national values and bring about democratization of society. It has never been done because interests of the Russian diaspora are taken into consideration." It is apparently an oblique way of saying that the Russian diaspora in Kazakhstan is the obstacle for construction of an "ethnic democratic state."

Ult Tagdyry wishes "all luck and a safe journey to the Russian brothers given a chance by the President of the Russian Federation to return to the land of their ancestors."

The movement is known as the author of the draft law "On the state language of the Republic of Kazakhstan". The document proclaims Kazakh the only state language in the republic, makes all other tongues equally secondary, and suggests that the population itself should choose the language of international communication.

Ult Tagdyry is convinced as well that every citizen of Kazakhstan must speak Kazakh. Movement Chairman Dos Koshim says that whoever does not speak the state language should be barred from civil service in Kazakhstan. Provision 8 of the draft law specifies that the head of the republic, prime minister, and chairmen of the Senate and Majilis must use the state language when performing their duties. Conferences, congresses, and other official meetings of state, public, and other organizations, structures, and enterprises must be convened in the state language only. Kazakh is supposed to be the only language spoken at kindergartens and schools. The same requirement applies to mail and telegraph services on the territory of the republic, commercials and public announcements, diplomacy and international treaties and accords. All structures and enterprises are to be referred to only in the state language.