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Kyrgyz ombudsman suspects the Qorasuv mosque imam murdered deliberately

17.08.2006 08:06 msk


Religious life

Kyrgyz Ombudsman Tursunbai Bakir uulu suspects that Muhammadrafik Kamalov, imam of the Qorasuv mosque, was assassinated.

According to the ombudsman, the assassination could be brought about by the undeniable rapprochement between Uzbek and Kyrgyz secret services. Bakir uulu even thinks that this rapprochement may eventually introduce authoritarian methods of investigation in Kyrgyzstan when law enforcement agencies beat suspects first and ask questions later.

As far as Bakir uulu is concerned, incidents like that may continue happening in Kyrgyzstan due to the growing similarity between Kyrgyz and Uzbek National Security Services in the methods of investigation and murders of suspects. "Opposition in Kyrgyzstan shouldn't therefore rest on is laurels," the ombudsman said.

Bakir uulu intends to make aa trip to Qorasuv on August 30 to get firsthand information and meet with the late imam's family.

Kamalov was killed in the city of Osh by Uzbek and Kyrgyz secret services running a special operation there on August 6.