26 september 2020

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Another group of refugees from Andijan is coming back to Uzbekistan

23.08.2006 14:15 msk



Independent web site Uzbekinfo.org reports that 41 refugee from Andijan currently residing in the United States intends to return to Uzbekistan on August 24. Thirty-five refugees live in Pennsylvania, three in Ohio, and three in Maryland.

Bahodir Faiz, teacher of social sciences also living in the United States, says that the refugees' departure has been orchestrated by the Uzbek Embassy in Washington. Its diplomats have been persuading the refugees to go home literally for months.

The Uzbek Embassy already arranged the return of a group of 12 refugees from Arizona to Uzbekistan. Everything was arranged and paid for - even tickets - by diplomats then. This time, however, the Embassy saved money and had the refugees paying themselves.

"The diplomats told the refugees that they would cover at least 50% of the cost of the tickets," Faiz said. "As it happened, however, the refugees themselves paid. Everyone was compelled to raise $1,200 for the ticket home."

Uzbek Embassy declined comments. "No comment. Sorry," Political Advisor Bahtiyor Ibragimov said and hang up.