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Most money is transacted from Russia by Uzbek gastarbeiters

30.08.2006 09:30 msk

INTERFAX news agency

Business Russia

According to the Russian Central Bank, individuals transacted $210 million from Russia to Uzbekistan in the second quarter of 2006.

Uzbekistan and Ukraine are leaders among CIS states in transactions from Russia with $210 million each. They are followed by Tajikistan with $187 million, Armenia ($129 million), Moldova ($115 million), Kyrgyzstan ($102 million), Azerbaijan ($94 million), Georgia ($81 million), and Kazakhstan ($22 million).

China is the leader among distant-foreign countries with $49 million transacted there from Russia between April and July, 2006. China is followed by the United States ($9 million) and Turkey and Germany ($7 million each).

In the meantime, $40 million were transacted to Russia from Kazakhstan and $22 million from Uzbekistan.