27 september 2020

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Ukrainian Baptist apprehended and beaten in Uzbekistan

30.08.2006 09:58 msk

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Christian Megaportal in Uzbekistan reports with references to anonymous local sources that the police broke up a Evangelic Seminar in Termez and arrested everyone present.

According to Invictory.org, police officers bludgeoned the believers - adults and children alike. Some of them were soon released with the order to remain within reach of the law enforcement agencies, but six were left in the detention cell. One of the arrested believers is a Ukrainian on a visit to Uzbekistan. Cases were opened against all arrestees. They remain in custody in Termez and get regularly beaten, their families say.

The Ukrainian is one Yuri Stefanko, born in 1983, resident of Kiev where he attends the Baptist Church. Stefanko flew to Uzbekistan to meet with his friends on August 14.