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Tajiks will learn history by President Emomali Rakhmonov's biography

02.09.2006 12:08 msk

Mehman Gafarly

Politics Tajikistan

A photo album and six books dedicated to Emomali Rakhmonov's life between 1992 and now were published in Tajikistan. "They will become a teaching aid for whoever studies history of independence of Tajikistan," Presidential Press Service announced. Along with everything else, the books explain to the Tajiks who they should vote for in the presidential election this November.

President Rakhmonov's political opponents view literary activities of the presidential administration from the standpoint of elections. Tajikistan will be electing its president in November, and Emomali Sharifovich fully intends to extend his reign by another seven-year term of office. Dodojoni Atovullo, Editor-in-Chief off the Tajik newspaper Charogi Ruz, told Nezavisimaya Gazeta that the books on Rakhmonov are full of hosannah to the president who is extolled as a messiah by the authors and condemned as the Tajikbashi by the opposition. "Teacher of teachers, savior of the nation, the best popular politician, another Ismoili Somoni [king of ancient Persia known for fairness - Nezavisimaya Gazeta], father of the nation" - this is only one of the characteristics to be found in the books. The Tajik leader is apparently envious of his Turkmen counterpart. Like the Turkmenbashi, Rakhmonov loves it when TV stations broadcast his meetings with kids praising the "benefactor of the Tajik people" in songs with lyrics that go like that, "You are our future, Your are our Sun, You are the warmth of the hearth, You are the guide..."

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