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The authorities of Tajikistan closed access to several web sites

09.10.2006 15:04 msk


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RIA-Novosti news agency reports indicate that the authorities of Tajikistan ordered access to some web sites closed because they "interfere with state policy".

Source in a Tajik Internet company says that the letter from the Agency for Communications of the Ministry of Communications received on October 5 suggested that users' access to several web sites was closed. Signed by Director Anvar Mamajanov, the letter stated that these web sites were interfering with the state policy of Tajikistan. Here is a quote from the letter, "Access to confidential information and propaganda of social, racial, ethnic, and religious hatred is provided by the Tajik segment of Internet... Information security requires that access to these web sites be closed."

The Ministry of Communications wouldn't comment. Its officials only say that "Internet providers have ten days to carry out the order." There are twelve Internet providers in Tajikistan nowadays.

Access to the "subversive" web sites was closed on the eve of the presidential election scheduled for November 6.

BBC broadcasts were banned in Tajikistan earlier this year.

Maruf Muhammedov of the private Internet company Istera told Die Deutsche Welle, "We received an official letter to the effect that in accordance with the Security Concept of the Republic of Tajikistan that determines the state policy in the sphere of information security we should close access to web sites charogiruz.ru, arianasform.com, fergananews.com, tajikistantimes.ru, and centrasia.org."//RIA-Novosti

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