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The authorities of Tajikistan open access to several previously blocked web sites

13.10.2006 17:10 msk


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Access to them closed last week, web sites www.ferghna.ru, www.centrasia.ru, and www.arianastorm are available to Internet users in Tajikistan again.

"When Internet providers were officially ordered to close access to the five web sites, we began receiving complaints from the international organizations accredited in this country," said a source in the Agency for Communications of the Tajik Ministry of Communications. "The minister was advised. He gave the order to permit access to three web sites. Two web sites on the black list (www.charogiruz.ru and www.tajikistantimes.ru) remain unavailable because they do undermine information policy of the Tajik state."

The two forbidden web sites belong to Dodojon Atovulloyev, independent journalist living in Moscow.

The order to block access to the five web sites was issued on October 5. Some media outlets ascribed it to the content of the web sites appraised as "propaganda" and "inflammation of social, racial, religious hatred".

Sources maintain in the meantime that the Tajik segment of the Internet is being screened all the same and that new web sites may appear on the black list yet.

Ferghana.Ru news agency, October 12, 2006