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NATO is running Mountain of Wrath in Afghanistan, its third operation this autumn

16.10.2006 10:01 msk

Vladimir Mironov, Russky Kurier


The onset of the operation was an embarrassment. NATO contingent commander General David Richards (Great Britain) announced that up to 70% of the Afghanis could end up on the Talibs' side.

Operation Mountain of Wrath is intended to drive the Taliban from the southern and southeastern provinces of Afghanistan. Two previous operations (Jellyfish and Vengeance) were attempts to accomplish just that. Both partially failed and continue even now, albeit halfheartedly. The NATO command has ordered a change of tactic. It is the Afghani regular army that will be dealing with the Talibs for a change, and the NATO contingent 7,000 men strong (including 2,500 servicemen of the US Army) will serve as a backup. The international contingent is operating on the territories of five provinces in the south, center, and east. Fighting is particularly vicious in Pandjvai (Kandahar).

The Talibs rely on their old tactic. Whenever they sustain heavy losses or feel that defeat is imminent, the Talibs fall back into the Pakistani mountains to lick their wounds and return again. The War Office in London in the meantime published a sensational report. The military maintains that "... NATO has only six months to restore order in Afghanistan or the majority of the Afghanis will side up with the Talibs."

The logic is simple: the Talibs' order is better than continuation of the war. Even if the Alliance sends 10,000 men more then, it will be pointless because the Mountain of Wrath "will keep turning in the other direction".

Russky Kurier, October 16, 2006, p. 21

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