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The United States will pay Kyrgyzstan less than it promised

20.10.2006 16:23 msk

Arkady Dubnov, Vremya Novostei

Business Kyrgyzstan

Financial aspects of the US-Kyrgyz accord over the US AF Base on the territory of the Bishkek airport Manas became public knowledge, yesterday. Boplotbek Maripov, ex-chief editor of the newspaper Obschestvenny Reiting who had became a deputy of the national parliament, called a special press conference yesterday.

Referring to information from the Kyrgyz Security Council and government, Maripov disclosed the sums of the US gratuity Kyrgyzstan was to receive for the AF base. The Health Care Ministry will be paid $5 million. Another such sum will be paid to Kyrgyzstan to finance its war on terrorism and $6 million more to finance the war on drug traffic. The Defense Ministry, National Security Service, and National Guard stand to receive some sums too (what sums exactly is not known). The United States also pledged to finance aid programs for the Kyrgyz traffic police, tax inspection, parliament, and judicial system. Along with that, Kyrgyzstan will be entitled to about $45.6 million every year (including $17.14 million as payment for the use of objects including Manas). According to Maripov, sum total amounts to $60-70 million. "What about the $150 million that were discussed?" the lawmaker wanted to know. (According to the Kyrgyz Security Council, the sum will amount to $150 million counting in the cost of the fuel and other services the Americans will be paying for. The government in the meantime does not know anything about any such payments.) "The government hasn't even included these $150 million in the next year budget. Ministers of the Cabinet are not working in the interests of Kyrgyzstan," Maripov said.

The information released by Maripov shed light on the outcome of the negotiations over payment for the AF base. Annual rent cost the Americans $2 million only last year. Official Bishkek brought up the subject this spring. What the negotiations ended in is clear now.

"The problem has been addressed. We've signed an accord with Kyrgyzstan and made all arrangements," US State Undersecretary Richard Boucher told this newspaper last week. "The Kyrgyz president, prime minister, and interior minister visited the base with words of support on September 11, and we appreciate it. The operations continue. They are important for us and for all of the region because they enable us to proceed with the counter-terrorism operation in Afghanistan. This is what the AF base is about. Everything is absolutely open and transparent."

Vremya Novostei, October 20, 2006, p. 5

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