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Uzbekistan intends to sell interest in the national air carrier

27.10.2006 19:41 msk

Delovaya Nedelya

Business Uzbekistan

The government of Uzbekistan intends to sell a portfolio in Uzbekiston Havo Jullari (Uzbek Airlines) to foreign investors in 2008.

Owned by the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekiston Havo Jullari is the national monopolist.

The portfolio (49%) will be sold to the highest bidder in 2008. The national program of privatization (2006-2008) demands that the controlling interest remain in the hands of the state.

Uzbekiston Havo Jullari is a strategic asset, and the portfolio will be put up for sale at an international auction. Experts expect some major foreign consultant will be contracted to evaluate the asset.

Press Service of the air carrier reports that Uzbekiston Havo Jullari includes 16 foreign planes nowadays (ten Boeings, three A-310s, and three RJ-85s). Foreign planes account for nearly 90% of all long-distance passenger traffic.

Planes of Uzbekiston Havo Jullari make regular runs to 21 city in Europe, North America, Middle East, and Asia, 20 CIS cities, and 12 local destinations.

Uzbekiston Havo Jullari reports passenger traffic in 2005 2.8% above what it was a year before (1.655 million passengers) and freight service 16.6% below the last year figure (21.63 thousand tons).