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Russia will build its relations with CIS countries depending on how the Russians are treated there

27.11.2006 10:58 msk

INTERFAX news agency


"The nature of our relations with every individual country of the Commonwealth will be determined to a considerable degree by the treatment the Russians are getting there," Senior Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Denisov said.

Denisov admitted existence of "problems". The sphere of the use of the Russian language is narrowing down all over the Commonwealth, Russian schools are closed under all sorts of pretexts, and colleges and universities shift to the national tongues.

Similar processes affect Russian media outlets and culture: bigotry mushrooms with the local authorities studiously looking the other way.

"Russia stands for constructive interaction with its CIS partners in dealing with these problems within the framework of humanitarian cooperation," the diplomat said. "It is becoming a priority within the framework of the Commonwealth."