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Electric power will be turned off all over Tajikistan on November 29-30

27.11.2006 11:29 msk


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"Electric power will be turned off all over Tajikistan (probably including the capital) on November 29-30. Vital objects will be the only exception. This is going to be the first such a blackout in the history of sovereign Tajikistan," the head of Barki Tochik Sharifhon Samiyev said at a press conference on November 24.

Samiyev ascribed the forthcoming blackout to construction of the Sangtuda-1 Hydroelectric Power Plant where the River Vahsh is to be dammed on November 30. Water lever in the Nurek Reservoir is being brought down to its all-time low nowadays.

According to Barki Tochik, electric power in the Hatlon and Sogdi regions will be available only three hours a day in the period between November 23 and December 3. More electricity is to be available as of December 1. "We can only dam the river in November," Samiyev said. "The population should be aware that we are doing it for its own sake."

Tajik hydroelectric power plants produce about 43 million kilowatt/hours every twenty-four hours nowadays which is far too little for the country. Production will be down to 25-26 million on November 28-30.

"We approached the Uzbeks with the request to sell us 500 million kilowatt/hours and permit transit of 1 billion kilowatt/hours more from Kyrgyzstan, but the Uzbeks turned us down again. They claim that this is more than their networks can cope with," Samiyev said. "We do not think that it is more. Whenever we sell surplus electric power to Uzbekistan in summertime, its network cope with the additional volume just fine."