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The United States will do its best to prevent Russian oil and gas companies' reinforcement in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

30.11.2006 17:51 msk


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The first meeting of NATO leaders on the post-Soviet territory, the NATO summit that ended in Riga yesterday was the talk of the day for Russian and foreign experts. For the first time in the last fifteen years when NATO openly called Russia an enemy and proclaimed control over Russian energy resources as its strategic objective.

Alexander Sobyanin of the Strategic Planning Service of the Association of Border Cooperation commented on the outcome of the NATO summit.

"What the Americans are after is expansion of the military cooperation with Kazakhstan and, as a result, participation in development of the Kazakh Navy in the Caspian Sea," Sobyanin said. "Kazakhstan may permit the Americans to establish permanent military presence in the port of Atyrau in return for the aid."

Along with that, the Americans do not need reinforcement of Russian companies' positions in Uzbekistan in the hope to thwart establishment of the so called "gas OPEC" suggested by Moscow.

According to Sobyanin, Uzbekistan possesses oil and gas reserves comparable with the Turkmen and Kazakh ones. That is why the United States will advance military cooperation with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan nearby, support the radical Islamic opposition in Uzbekistan, and rock the boat in the Ferghana Valley fomenting unrest in Namangan and Andijan.

Mikhail Chernov, Victor Yadukha

RBK Daily, November 30 2006

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