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Russian scientists will be looking for ancient artefacts in Afghanistan

06.12.2006 13:50 msk


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A team of ethnographers set out from St.Petersburg for Kabul on an invitation from the government of Afghanistan, yesterday. "We are after artefacts of the Afghani culture and Eurasian civilization in general," expedition leader Alexander Stepanov said. "The first road from Europe to India ran across Afghanistan. A lot of artefacts were lost in the civil war - say, the Baktrian gold that disappeared without a trace..."

Russian ethnographers will also visit the cities of Herat and Banjan. Sergei Davitaja, 10, is also on the team. Sergei already visited a lot of places with his father the ethnographer. Whatever is found will be turned over to St.Petersburg museums. A new museum of history of the Eurasian civilization is to be built in St.Petersburg.

Izvestia, December 6, 2006, p. 4

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