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Foreign workers in Kazakhstan are paid five times better than the locals

07.12.2006 17:21 msk

Ferghana.Ru news agency

Business Kazakhstan

Rights of Kazakh menial workers are grossly abused and encroached on. This state of affairs resulted in a mass fight between Turkish and Kazakh employees of the Tengiz mine not long ago. NRS reports in the meantime that Chinese employers mistreat the locals too.

KNISK, a division of SNPS-Aktobemunaigaz, employes 231 Chinese and 525 Kazakhs. As it turned out, Chinese workers are paid five times better than the Kazakhs for the same job. Chinese and Kazakhs eat at different diners. The one reserved for the Chinese can accommodate 400 people and is therefore nearly empty. The one for the Kazakhs, accommodating 50 people only, is overcrowded and some Kazakh workers are compelled to take their meals elsewhere. Sanitary condition in the Kazakh diner leaves much to be desired.

Hostels are also divided into those for the Chinese and those for the locals. Rooms in the former have air-conditioning, proper lighting, TV sets, janitors, and bottled drinking water. Hostels for the Kazakhs are different of course: no air-conditioning, poor lights, and one TV set for all. Nothing more. Local media outlets report that Chinese executives are fairly rough with the Kazakhs demanding better conditions.

Recalling the Tengiz incident, the Aktyubinsk authorities apparently decided to forestall any such developments. The regional akim [head of administration - Ferghana.Ru] warned that companies on the so called "black list" had only so long for improvement and that violators would be deported.