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Supreme Court of Kazakhstan confirms the sentences Sarsenbayev's assassins drew

08.12.2006 14:55 msk


Human Rights Kazakhstan

The latest reports from Kazakhstan indicate that the Supreme Court confirmed sentences to murderers of opposition leader Altynbek Sarsenbayev and his aides.

Bodies of Sarsenbayev and two others with him (bodyguard Baurjan Baibosyn and driver Vasily Zhuravlev) were found near Alma-Ata on February 13. Ten suspects including six servicemen of Arystan special service were detained.

The regional court found Yerjan Utembayev, former head of the senatorial apparat, guilty and sentenced him to 20 years imprisonment. Rustam Ibragimov was sentenced to death as organizer and executioner. Vitaly Miroshnikov drew 20 years imprisonment for kidnapping and manslaughter. The remaining seven criminals were sentenced to between 3 and 14 years behind the bars.