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The opposition reports the defense minister arrested and mass arrests of the nomenclature

26.12.2006 09:38 msk

Vremya Novostei

Politics Turkmenistan

Nurmuhamed Hanamov, one of the leaders of the Turkmen opposition and Republican Party chairman, told Vremya Novostei that Defense Minister Agageldy Mamedgeldyev and almost 120 civil servants were arrested in Ashkhabad yesterday. If there is even a kernel of truth in these reports, then analysts were correct to predict an inevitable and ferocious power struggle over the late Turkmenbashi's legacy.

Vremya Novostei reports as well that sources in the Turkmen leadership once perceived Mamedgeldyev as a candidate for chairman of the Halk Maslakhaty (People's Council). His removal from the race probably indicates a trend - senior officers controlling the army and commanding its respect are out. It stands to reason to expect control over the country to end up in the hands of men from secret services.

Referring to his sources in Ashkhabad, Hanamov said that this was probably a step toward promotion to national leadership of General Akmurat Rejepov, chief of the late president's security. Some representatives of Russian businesses who operated in Turkmenistan and know Rejepov refuse to dramatize the situation. They appraise Rejepov as "an adequate man, a man one can deal with."

Vremya Novostei, December 26, 2006

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