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Expert: Speculations over Turkmen gas are absolutely groundless

27.12.2006 11:20 msk

Ferghana.Ru news agency

Business Turkmenistan

A Turkmen expert who insisted on anonymity agreed to talk to Ferghana.Ru on speculations in the media over stability of Turkmen gas import into Russia whose interruptions may affect Russian gas balance and even gas export to East and West Europe.

"Unless something extraordinary occurs like accidents at gas pipelines or pumping stations, the deliveries will remain stable and regular," the expert said. "There are no problems with transit to Russia because Gazprom has all necessary accords with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. All contracts with Gazprom are guaranteed by availability of gas and all prices are set for three years. There are no reasons for Russian media outlets and experts to worry or mount tension. Turkmenistan needs a stable influx of hard currency now. Its authorities need confidence in their ability to cope with the problems that always arise and confront the new regime..."

"Acknowledging importance of the export to Iran, the authorities of Turkmenistan know all too well that capacity of this particular market is limited. Neither do the latest developments over Iran allow for any optimism," the expert said. "As for all these speculations over construction of a gas pipeline to China, it is not jeopardize gas export to Russia in the least. First, all these projects will be carried out three or five years from now. Second and most importantly, gas for this pipeline is to be produced at the fields not yet developed or included into the framework of export to Russia and Iran. In short, Russia is currently besieged by the phantom fears like the ones that beset Europe in the wake of the Russian-Ukrainian gas scandal a year ago."

"The Ukrainian authorities are wrong to assume that the emotional and political factors left the Turkmen gas policy with the Turkmenbashi," the expert added. Turkmen opposition's arrival in Kiev and its PR campaign there irritated Ashkhabad immensely. "Not yet confirmed contacts of the Turkmen opposition with the upper echelons of Ukrainian state power may and probably will complicate Ukraine's positions in the already tricky Turkmenistan-Russia-Ukraine triangle."

Representatives of the Turkmen opposition said in Kiev that should they come to power, gas tariffs for Ukraine would be brought down.