27 september 2020

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New organization for assistance to Central Asian immigrants established in Moscow

10.01.2007 11:41 msk

N. Zotova (Ferghana.Ru)

Migration Russia

Centrasia non-profit partnership was established in Moscow in 2006. Judging by its program documents, Centrasia will make an emphasis on development of cultural and business contacts between Russia and Central Asian countries and on legal assistance to immigrants from the region. Centrasia will also put into motion exchange programs (labor resources, specialists, students) and help immigrants from Central Asian countries looking for jobs in Russia. "Centrasia will help you with finding the bearing points, with finding jobs up to your skills and with a decent salary. It will help you with working in Russia legitimately and with the least possible problems. Everything will be done in line with the laws of the Russian Federation. Centrasia is here to help you and your family to avoid unfair grudges, trickery, and non-payment of wages by employers. It is here to offer legal advice whenever your rights and interests are encroached on."