18 november 2019

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Agency for Financial Control and War on Corruption established in Tajikistan

12.01.2007 20:09 msk



On January 10, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmonov signed a decree establishing Agency for Financial Control and War on Corruption.

Judging by the decree, the new structure will be dealing with fraud and corruption and undue parallelism. It is expected to improve transparency of inspections and examinations as well. Discounting technical staff, the new Agency will employ 500 officials (150 of them officials of the Central Apparat).

In 2007, the Agency will be financed from the funds reserved for the disbanded State Committee of Financial Control and Main Directorate of Tax Police of the Ministry of Income and Taxation. It goes without saying that their functions will be performed by the new structure now.

Another presidential decree made Sherhon Salimov director of the newly established Agency. Before the promotion, Salimov chaired the Committee for the Constitution, Legislation, and Human Rights of the Majlisi Namojandagon (lower house) of the Majlisi Oli (parliament).