15 july 2020

Central Asia news

Seminar «Gender Dimension of Human Development» was held in Qoqand

26.03.2003 00:00 msk

Dinora Azimova

Seminar «Gender Dimension of Human Development», organized by UNDP and Association of Business Women was held in Qoqand, March 20. More then 70 participants from all over the Valley, including from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, then Tashkent and Samarkand discussed current problems of Human Development.

It was the first attempt to discusses Human Development issues on a regional scale. Uzbekistan Human Development readers group and the network was enlarged and become international. Participation of NGOs, civil society, intelligentsia and business circles allowed us to receive different views on sharp Human Development matters of poverty, unemployment, labor migration, water and governance.

After welcoming speech of Vice Hokim of Kokand city Mavluda S. Khojaeva, UNDP Human Development Advisor Dinora Azimova deliver a paper History and meaning of Human Development Concept. Prominent NGO activist Sohiba Irgasheva rise issues of poverty as a form of inequality. She talked about problems of poverty feminization; needs of expanding power and women participations in process of Human Development. Hot issue of family violence and its incompatibility with ideals of Human Development was in center of presentation of E. Muhamedova, Head of Regional association of Women-lawyers. Role of Women in achievement of Sustainable Human Development was admitted in reports of Muqarram Igamberdieva, Director of Center “Adolat” and Head of department of Namangan Institute of Engineering and Economics A. Akhmedov. Munira Sayfulloeva from Hodjent (Tajikistan), Kalykova Gulumqan from Batkent (Kyrgyzstan) and Madaliev Ojkul (Osh, Kyrgyzstan) analyzed perspectives of Human Development in regional aspects. All participants develop issue of regional collaboration in different dimensions of Human Development, such as migration, governance, narco-traffick, unemployment, trafficking and others.

Friendly atmosphere, willingness to cooperate, open mind approach to all mentioned problems was remarkable, especially in context of complicated relations among officials.

The most important feature of seminar was productive dialog and constructive solutions. Publication of the conference materials will give us opportunity to develop this dialog further. All participants were agreed that grassroots cooperativeness and people diplomacy is crucial for mainstreaming Human Development towards solution of Millennium Target Goals. It was meaningful event in terms of intra-regional collaboration endeavor.

Dinora Azimova,

Human Development Advisor,