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Hailed as shahids, pilgrims from Kyrgyzstan will be interred in Saudi Arabia

15.01.2007 13:01 msk

A.Mamaraimov (Ferghana.Ru)

Religious life Kyrgyzstan

Murataly Jumanov of the Moslem Religious Directorate told Osh-TV on January 14 that the 22 pilgrims from Kyrgyzstan killed in a traffic accident last week were proclaimed shahids. They will be interred in Saudi Arabia, Jumanov said.

The senior mufty said that once the news of the catastrophe came from Saudi Arabia, the Moslem Religious Directorate and Agency for Religious Affairs dispatched their representatives to Osh in the south of Kyrgyzstan. Four groups were formed in Osh, comprising officials of the muftijat, Agency, and regional and municipal administrations. They visited the perished pilgrims' families with condolences.

The families were informed of the decision of the Saudi authorities to proclaim the pilgrims shahids (martyrs who died for the faith) and have them interred on the territory of this country.

The tragedy occurred on January 12 when the coach with Kyrgyz pilgrims was on its way home. The interim report flashed to the government of Kyrgyzstan listed 23 victims of the accident. The information had been checked and the list announced by Osh-TV included 22 names. One of the pilgrims initially proclaimed dead (Usmonjon Saidhosilov, born in 1941) turned up hospitalized in Saudi Arabia. More than 20 others victims are being treated for wounds of varying severity.

The accident occurred on the road to Dubai where the pilgrims were scheduled to board a flight back to Kyrgyzstan. Interim investigation pins the blame on dense fog. A special commission was set up to investigate the tragedy.