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Tajikistan: Republican Prosecutor General's Office toted up the year

16.01.2007 18:22 msk

Ferghana.Ru news agency


Tajikistan Prosecutor General Bobojon Bobohonov said at his press conference on January 15 that 11,223 crimes had been logged in the republic in 2006.

Bobohonov commented on a rise of homicides (228 against 257 in 2005). In 2006, the Prosecutor General's Office investigated the cases of four big-time traffickers and instigated 150 criminal proceedings (49 of them for bribes). These latter against judges and officers of law enforcement agencies, Bobohonov said.

Two terrorist acts were investigated and activists of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan arrested as a result. Six sympathizers were arrested, tried, and sentenced to imprisonment in the Sogdi region.

According to Bobohonov, the Supreme Court outlawed Tochikistan Ozod (Free Tajikistan). "This organization was set up on the territory of Uzbekistan in 1998 by anti-government forces of Tajikistan that are currently abroad. The organization's program was examined and found extremist even though its activists were not involved in crimes. We prevented its activities on time," Bobohonov said. According to him, one of the organizers had been a citizen of Tajikistan, one Jarash Kurbonov arrested by Uzbek law enforcement agencies and imprisoned three years ago.