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China will build the Zeravshan (Yava) Hydroelectric Power Plant in northern Tajikistan

19.01.2007 11:58 msk


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The accord on construction of the Zeravshan (Yava) Hydroelectric Power Plant in northern Tajikistan was signed in Beijing on January 17.

The document was signed by Sharifhon Samiyev of Barki Tochik and Cin Fan Xicjan of Sinohydro.

Barki Tochik Assistant Senior Engineer Rashid Gulov says that China offered Tajikistan a loan exceeding $200 million (for 25 years, 1% interest) for the construction.

"Sinohydro claims it needs 36 months to build the hydroelectric power plant," source said. "The project also involves construction of power transmission lines (220 KV) 60 kilometers long to Rudaki, the station in the town of Penjikent that will provide electric power in the Sogda residential area."

Manufacturing capacity of the future hydroelectric power plant is expected at the level of 150 megawatt, annual output at about 600 million kwh. Judging by the blueprints provided by the Chinese, the hydroelectric power plant will be producing enough "for all of the Penjikent area the year round."

Sinohydro came up with the idea of building a hydroelectric power plant on the Zeravshan in early 2006. It will be responsible for the whole process of construction. Once built and turned on, the hydroelectric power plant will become the property of Tajikistan. China will get its money back in accordance with the terms of the accord.

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Its establishment in 1949 ordered by the government of China, Sinohydro built practically all major hydroelectric power plant and dams in China. It built dams in Thailand (93 meters high), Iran (101 meter), Malaysia (205 meters), Pakistan (133 meters), and other countries.