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Chinese company won the auction and bought 25% of the Uzbek national mail operator

02.02.2007 13:15 msk


Business Uzbekistan

Finex Ltd. of China won the auction for 25.4% of Uzbekiston Pochtasi, national mail operator. The auction was declared in December 2005. Official sources claim that 25.4% of the stock of 2,093 shares were offered to the highest bidder at $2.448 million as the starting price. Russian Inlex and Orbita and Finex Ltd. of China submitted applications and the latter seems to have made the most attractive offer to Uzbekistan. Off the record, sources say that the contract cost the Chinese $4.1 million. The state now owns 51% of the national mail operator, employees 1.4%, and minor investors 22,2%.

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Kommersant, February 2, 2007, p. 19

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