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Picketers want all work in the Jerui gold mine come to a halt

21.02.2007 10:56 msk

Ferghana.Ru news agency

Business Uzbekistan

Residents of the Talas region in the northwestern part of Kyrgyzstan insist that the Jerui gold mine must be closed down. Villagers from Bekmoldo blocked the road leading to the gold mine last Saturday.

At first, the protesters demanded the keeping of promises - namely the one to invest over $3 million in development of the region. They want the gold mine closed down altogether now. Picketers' ranks swelled to more than 100 protesters yesterday.

Initiators of the protest action claim that some residents of nearby villages are expected to join the action today and set up additional yurtas. 24.kg news agency reports that grudges against the investor are mostly environmental. The locals fear that the gold mine may have a thoroughly negative impact on environment.

The Kyrgyz authorities support the claims and demands, albeit indirectly. Addressing the parliament yesterday, Prime Minister Azim Isabekov said that Global Jerui, the company with a license to mine the Jerui gold, had been reneging on its promises.