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Turkmen opposition activist Annadurdy Hajiev arrested in Bulgaria

21.02.2007 12:11 msk


Human Rights Turkmenistan

Annadurdy Hajiev, member of the Executive Council of the Sociopolitical Movement Watan and ex-deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, was arrested in Bulgaria on February 21. Watan issued a statement demanding his release.

"The arrest was made on the basis of a request of the Turkmen division of Interpol approached by the authorities of Turkmenistan. The warrant was not shown. The arrest was made in the absence of a translator or representative of the consulate of the Russian Federation Hajiev is a citizen of. The police were extremely rude. The arrestee is not permitted any warm clothes in the cell, food, books, or newspapers. Neither is he permitted phone calls or visits. Hajiyev called a hunger strike in protest."

"This is a second episode when the Bulgarian authorities do the Turkmen regime favors. The first attempt in 2002 was thwarted when the court sided with Hajiev and Bulgaria was compelled to recognize him as harassed for political reasons. Hajiyev filed a lawsuit against the Bulgarian authorities and collected," the statement continued.

Hajiyev's family is being persecuted. His sister Ogulsapar Muradova, RL journalist, was murdered in prison. His brother Sapardurdy was jailed, his whereabouts unknown even now.