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Kazakhstan: Hizb-ut-Takhrir members surrender

22.02.2007 12:50 msk

Liter (Alma-Ata)

Religious life Kazakhstan

Members of Hizb-ut-Takhrir, a religious extremist organization outlawed in Kazakhstan, surrendered to the law enforcement agencies on two occasions last month. In both episodes, whole groups of Hizb-ut-Takhrir members did so in order to denounce ideological postulates of the party.

Almost 50 Hizb-ut-Takhrir members approached the National Security Committee a couple of weeks ago, and 27 more the other day. They approach law enforcement agencies all over the country - in Alma-Ata, Pavlodar, Taraz, Shymkent, and Turkestan.

Joining Hizb-ut-Takhrir, people eventually realize that this is but a swindle arranged by local halka (cell) leaders bent on banal extortion. Claiming that they are working to establish a caliphate, halka leaders actually build a financial pyramid so that they themselves get all benefits (money) while all the rest below them lose jobs, families, and freedom. This is how all Hizb-ut-Takhrir cells operate, making it a network spread across countries. Islam is but a mask, other Islamic organizations (radical and not) say. Hizb-ut-Takhrir ideology is spurned by the Islamic world.

According to the newspaper, Hizb-ut-Takhrir in Kazakhstan are paralyzed but not yet extinct. Experts and secret services claim that the organization reminds them of what the Bolsheviks did in the Tsarist Russia: aliases, secrecy, safe houses, passwords, raising of money, and fanatic promotion of the ideology.

The surrendered members are let go because they genuinely repented. The National Security Committee says in the meantime that the investigation of activities of 31 activist (including some leaders) of Hizb-ut-Takhrir is still under way. The men in question ran what constitutes a gang, called for overthrow of the regime, encroached on territorial integrity of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and incited ethnic and religious hatred.