17 june 2019

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Kazakh-Chechen allcomers in Moscow

02.04.2007 11:46 msk



A fight between Kazakh and Chechen students of the University of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin was reported in the campus on Butlerov Street in Moscow on March 31.

Almost 40 students wielding rocks and traumatic and light weapons were involved, an insider said.

Clashes began in front of 3, Butlerov Street at half past six p.m. According to interim reports, a student was wounded. His comrades whisked him away before the police appeared.

The Moscow Municipal Directorate of Internal Affairs denies the reports that shots were fired on the campus. The police claim that "it was but a conflict" "without any firing or casualties" that started at about 2 p.m. Law enforcement agencies never apprehended anyone, and the investigation was left to the campus administration, source said.