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Women are facing trial for religious convictions

02.04.2007 11:47 msk


Religious life Uzbekistan

Press Center of the Initiative Group of Independent Human Rights Activists reports that seven women are facing trial in Tashkent on charges of Hizb-ut-Takhrir membership.

The defendants are K. Rizayeva, Yu. Shahodathujayeva, F. Soatbekova, D. Nurmatova, L. Nabiyeva, Sh. Kosimova, and B. Ziyaeva.

The charges include encroachment on the constitutional regime, production or proliferation of materials jeopardizing public safety and order, organization of and membership in religious extremist, separatist, fundamentalist, and other banned structures.

Defendants' average age is 30 years. All of them are residents of Tashkent and mothers of between three and five juveniles.

The defendants are wives or close relatives of the people sentenced to imprisonment for religious convictions. They all were tortured in the course of investigation.

The defendants' families maintain that criminal cases against them were fabricated and that the women were put under pressure to confess membership in Hizb-ut-Takhrir.

Initiative Group of Independent Human Rights Activists (Uzbekistan)