11 july 2020

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Turkmenistan president accused Ministry of Internal Affairs of bribery and corruption

10.04.2007 20:19 msk



As informs Watan referring to Reuters, the president of Turkmenistan Gurbankuly Berdymuhammedov removed from a post of Minister of Internal Affairs Akhmamed Rakhmanov on Monday, 9 April. 48-years-old Hojamurad Annakurbanov, the deputy minister, was appointed the new head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In the decree of the president Rakhmanov's insufficient insistence on a post of the chapter of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to subordinates and easing of discipline among them is emphasized. International human rights organizations insist that Turkmen law enforcement bodies apply tortures to persons under investigation and convicts, and many arrested persons are deprived of an opportunity of impartial proceeding.

At a meeting with employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on 9 April Berdymuhammedov declared bribery and frankpledge prospered inside the latter. The president has fallen with charges, addressing corrupted policemen, impeding the people’s lives and complicating business activity, including foreign. Watan results citations from speech of the president. "Why do not you catch (drug-dealers)? That is why (they) work together with police!" “Obstructed movement of our citizens abroad…”. Why in the country there are no tickets (for public transport) for local trips? You buy them up a month beforehand, and then sell out!. You should work properly, otherwise I will change all of you one by one, - Berdymuhammedov warned the Ministry officials.

The state news agency Turkmen Habarlary has informed, that last year and early this year more than 300 people including 219 officers were dismissed from the Ministry of Internal Affairs for different sorts of infringement. Turkmen Habarlary specifies the facts of corruption in the country, informing, that "law-enforcement officers organized artificial difficulties for young Turkmen business", compelling its representatives to bribery". "Those who did not accept dictated rules, had to face blackmail and extortion", - states the agency and cites Berdymuhammedov’s words of "the taken roots criminal practice frequently stirred activity of the foreign companies in Turkmenistan".