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Experts: Tajikistan mismatches international requirements on struggle against terrorism

12.04.2007 18:56 msk

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Tajikistan does not satisfy all international requirements for struggle against money-laundering and financing terrorism yet; Group of heads of donor organizations in Tajikistan has drawn a conclusion. Thus is told in a press release of this organization widespread on April 10.

The widespread document points out that last year international organizations, in particular, the World bank, UN Office on Drugs and Crime, International Monetary Fund and other members of international community supported activity of Tajikistan officials in development of a corresponding law which could allow the country to fulfill some international obligations.

"The next important steps necessary for construction of effective system on the given problem, are rendering punitive articles on money-laundering and financing terrorism compliant with the international standards and passing a law, constituting preventive measures and accountable requirements to financial and non-financial institutions. There should be developed a mechanism for sequestering property, belonging to terrorists, coinciding with resolutions of United Nations Security Council", - the document says.

According to Group of heads of donor organizations, other central-Asian countries have taken additional measures in given direction over past two years. As a result, in the near future existing criminal groups will probably look for other countries for money-laundering via criminal activity, where exist a lower degree of risk to be arrested.

"Thus Group of heads of donor organizations has converged in opinion, that it is the right time to help Tajikistan raise capacity level of corresponding governmental structures, pass and change corresponding laws in order to match international requirements", - the document notes.

Press release also mentions there should be provided such legal means, allowing Tajik authorities to participate in the international information interchange, transboundary criminal investigation and prosecution since the majority of crimes have transboundary character.

Reference: Group of heads of donor organizations is presented by Aga Khan Development Network, Asian Development Bank, Canada, China, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Commission, France, Germany, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, OSCE Centre, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom the Great Britain, United Nations, World Bank and United States America. Group of heads of donor organizations is a coordination body of ambassadors and representatives donor and

The group of chapters of the donor organizations is coordination body of ambassadors and representatives of donor and international financial institutions which participate in regular assemblies with a serially selected chairman; the assemblies discuss topics of national interest and importance. Present chairman of assembly of Group of heads of donor organizations is the British Ambassador to Tajikistan, Mr. Graeme Loten.