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The USA to increase aiding Tajikistan to $50 million

14.04.2007 11:46 msk

RIA Novosti


The USA promise to increase aid to Tajikistan up to $50 million in 2007, however redirect the flow from humanitarian sphere on development projects, informs RIA Novosti referring Evan A. Feigenbaum, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, responsible for Central Asia.

In 2006 the USA aid to Tajikistan totaled $32,7 million, Evan A. Feigenbaum told at a conference in honour of 15th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between two countries in Dushanbe on Friday, April 13.

Feigenbaum noted, that in summer of 2007 the USA plan finishing construction of a bridge over the river Pjandzh at Tajik-Afghani border at the cost of $36 million. The bridge with traffic capacity about a thousand cars daily is supposed to allow stimulate trade between Afghanistan and Central Asia countries.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State refused charges in address of the USA that Washington conducts a certain "battle" for influence in Central Asia. "Tajikistan is never an object of the USA geopolitic struggle with anybody. Almost everything, that we do here, is directed to support your objectives of becoming an independent state, whose citizens have an opportunity to carry out own destiny", - Feigenbaum noted.

In his words Tajikistan interests the USA as the country having the longest border with neighboring Afghanistan, whence not only "threat of international terrorism" comes from, but also this border provides an opportunity to rehabilitate Afghani trade with countries of the region. "That is the reason we are interested. And it makes our national interest", - Feigenbaum declared.

Your country has became the irreplaceable partner in providing safety in Afghanistan", - the official said, thanking Tajikistan once again for given air corridors for NATO planes and agreement to place the French contingent at the airport of Dushanbe. At the airport of the capital Corps of engineers of Air Forces of France is deployed, comprising 450 people and also three modern fighters Rafale and three "Mirages".