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Neutralny Turkmenistan: Forecasts on major gas reserves in the republic are confirmed

04.05.2007 21:19 msk

Neutralny Turkmenistan

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A powerful commercial inflow of gas is reported from Well 102 in South Iolotan in the Mary region of Turkmenistan. The target well depth is estimated at 4,500 meters but the productive interval was discovered at the depth of 4,360 meters. It confirms Turkmen scientists' forecasts of the still undiscovered gas resources.

Intensive survey operations have been under way in Shatlyk and Gambar in the eastern part of the country for years now. Specialists discovered a whole group of quite promising structures. South Iolotan is one of them. Commercial inflow of gas produces 1.3 million cubic meters of gas every twenty-four hours from the depths of 4,190 and 4,614 meters. Thickness of the gas-containing reservoir is believed to exceed 260 meters. Well 102 is another confirmation of the vast potential of the eastern regions of the country from the standpoint of the task of upping gas extraction. There is oil in Iolotan as well. Oil production there began in 2006, making Iolotan another source of raw materials for the Seidy Refinery.

Osman is another area located right near South Iolotan. Daily yield of gas from Well 3 there amounts to 5 million cubic meters. Preliminary estimate of the gas-containing reservoir shows it to be 450-500 meters, pressure 540 atmospheres. Specialists suspect that Osman and South Iolotan are actually one and the same field. Confirmation of this hypothesis will become a major discovery.