15 july 2020

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Ferghana.Ru offers e-mail addresses at @Uzbek.Ru domain

28.08.2003 00:00 msk

Ferghana.Ru Information Agency

An address like abdulla2003@hotmail.com does not satisfy you? You are tired of spam and viruses pouring down into your mailbox? You would like to get a short and easy-to-remember address?

Ferghana.Ru is pleased to offer you an address like your_name@uzbek.ru ! Granting a minimum sum ($1 and up) on developing our sight you obtain a unique lifelong address at UZBEK.RU domain, mailbox up to 5Mb, simple and convenient web-interface in Russian to operate your correspondence, POP3 protocol for incoming mail at your local computer.

Your mailbox will be situated at the most professional and secure hosting in Russia – MasterHost company.

The privacy of your correspondence is guaranteed by the reputation of Ferghana.ru and Kurban Nordonov himself!

Sincerely yours, Kurban-aka ferghana@fergananews.com