19 july 2019

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The Uzbek wounded by a Moscow police officer operated on

21.05.2007 09:55 msk

Ferghana.Ru news agency


Last Sunday, a Moscow police officer shot one Mansur Mirzayev, an Uzbek Gastarbeiter from Andijan working as a loader at the marketplace in Zhulebino. Mirzayev, 22, was hospitalized with a gunshot wound and operated on. Doctors of the 15th Hospital say that he will live.

Human rights activist Bahrom Hamroyev had talked to Mirzayev and his family and told Ferghana.Ru the victim's side of the story. The police detained Mirzayev and a colleague of his at about 6 p.m. on Sunday. The detainees' papers were in order but the police took them to the precinct. According to Mirzayev, they were forced on their knees there and the police began demanding a ransom. One of the policemen (his name is not known at this point) shot the Uzbek in the neck. The bullet exited through the other side.

Investigation is under way.