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Purges continue in Turkmenistan. Border control regime stiffened

22.05.2007 19:48 msk

Die Deutsche Welle

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Die Deutsche Welle reports a stiffer control regime on the Turkmen state borders. Passports and outbound shipments are rigorously examined. Observers ascribe it to the purges the authorities mounted in the republican security structures.

Web site Turkmenistan.Ru reports that President Gurbankuly Berdymuhammedov relieved Minister of Transportation Orazbedi Hudaiberdyev of his duties for incompetence. Senior Deputy Minister of Transportation Derjaguly Muhammetgulyev was promoted in his stead.

Ferghana.Ru sources claim that the Hjakim (Mayor) of Ashkhabad Orazmurat Esenov was sacked this morning. Former Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism and Athletics Derjageldi Orazov became the new hjakim. His previous functions are not performed by Guichgeldi Hojaberdiyev, ex-dean of the Turkmen National College of Athletics and Tourism.

Die Deutsche Welle reports as well that the control was particularly stiffened on the state border with Kazakhstan. All frontier posts were advised directly from Ashkhabad that some senior officers of security structures planned to escape the country. The cable even included their names - more than a dozen. What information is available at this point indicates that most of them are proteges of Rejepov, the former commander of the Secret Service recently arrested in Ashkhabad. Once any man on the list is identified as trying to cross the border, customs inspectors are supposed to call for the assigned officer of the National Security Ministry.

A senior official of the Turkmen Customs claims that the new regime is after everyone associated, directly or not, with Rejepov or his business relations with the late Turkmenbashi's son.