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Opposition parties unite in Kazakhstan

25.06.2007 11:28 msk


Politics Kazakhstan

Two largest opposition parties in Kazakhstan announced their merger into one structure on June 23. Their intention to do so made public only on June 11, the whole process unbelievably took less than a month.

Already skilled at working together, leaders of the two democratic parties are determined to bring into Kazakh politics a dynamic structure of a new type and challenge ideology of authoritarianism with the values of a free, fair, and prosperous state.

Joint forum of the National Social Democratic Party and Democratic Party Nagyz Ak Jol voted consolidation unanimously. "We are doing it for the sake of consolidation of progressive forces of the country demanded by evolution of democratic movement in Kazakhstan. This consolidation is of paramount importance particularly when regarded against the background of anti-democratic amendments to the Constitution that put an end to society's expectations of political modernization launched by the upper echelons of state power. The situation being what it is, democratization of the state becomes a common cause for all healthy forces of society," resolution of the forum stated.